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women owned. minority owned. lgbtq owned. small business.

The Journey

Our History

Since as long as I can remember I have always struggled with stomach problems–always super sensitive to any little thing I ate. It was a miserable time, and as cheesy as it sounds, things didn’t change until I found kombucha. I had started drinking it everyday, and little-by-little I was able to eat more of what I loved without the constant stomach pains and quickly realized that gut health is important. My gut was healing itself with the good bacteria I was introducing to it. I simply could not get enough of this stuff, so I finally decided to make my own to be certain I knew what ingredients were going into my beloved drink.

When my wife (Lyz) and I began brewing, we were always seeking clean, local, innovative ingredients and experimenting with new flavors. Before we knew it, friends and family came seeking our booch; not only for the taste, but also for the same reasons that had helped me. So we decided to create Seeking Kombucha to share with all of you, in hopes that you too will benefit from it.

Please note that while many people, including me, have found kombucha to be beneficial to their health, not everyone’s body is the same. Kombucha contains bacteria. There is always a risk that your body will respond differently than mine or someone else’s after drinking kombucha or other fermented beverages.

We are not doctors and cannot predict how your body will react to our kombucha. You should always consult your doctor for all diagnoses, treatments and cures for any diseases or conditions, as well as before changing your health care regimen.

– Jeanette

Seeking Change

We aspire to have a zero environmental impact, and want to be part of the change by contributing to organizations cleaning/fighting global crisis.

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Home Delivery

That's right! King county orders can sign up for regular home deliveries, bringing fermented goodness right to your door.

Quality Product

Let food be your medicine; because every time we eat or drink, we are either feeding a disease or fighting it.


With our current and future suppliers will work together to ensure that they are also using eco friendly methods.