Kombucha 12 oz Variety Pack

Our Kombucha is small batched using locally sourced ingredients. Every bottle is naturally rich with diverse nutrients to promote your health: living probiotics, active enzymes, organic acids, aminos, and polyphenols. Available in 10 delicious flavors. Flavors will vary every month and will include some fun seasonal items also! If you have any allergies you’d like to avoid please tell us in the space below. We will deliver your order every Friday. Orders will be closed the Thursday at 10am before the scheduled Friday delivery. Just like the milkman; leave your old bottles out on delivery day and we will swap them out!


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What’s a Bottle Swap?

Recycling glass reduces the space in the landfills and reduces the related air pollution by 20%! So that we can do our part in helping the environment, we offer a discount on your next fill when you return your Seeking Kombucha bottle or Growler! Just leave your bottle outside your door on delivery day and we’ll swap it out for your new one! It’s all about the little things in life that make a big difference so thank you for helping us to help the environment!

Flavors Available:

Blue Apple: Organic Green/Black Tea Based, Organic Blueberries & Apple
Flu Buster: Organic Green/Black Tea Based, Pineapple, Organic Apple, Organic Ginger & Turmeric, Organic Chaga Mushroom
Hibiscus Punch: Organic Green/Black Tea Based, Organic Hibiscus & Organic Ginger
June Blush: Organic Green/Black Tea Based, Lychee & Organic Lavender
Maui Sunset: Organic Green/Black Tea Based, Pineapple & Organic Hibiscus
Purple Reign: Peaflower, Organic Lavender & Organic Hibiscus
Peach Bellini: Organic Green/Black Tea Based, Organic Peach, & Organic Ginger
Ruby Lychee: Organic Green/Black Tea Based, Lychee & Organic Hibiscus
The Healer: Organic Green/Black Tea Based, Organic Rosehips, Organic Turmeric & Organic Ginger
Tropical Dream: Organic Green/Black Tea Based, Mango & Pineapple

Delivery Information

***Orders will be delivered every Friday.***

Orders must be placed by Thursday at noon for that Friday delivery. Any orders received after 12pm on Thursday will be scheduled for the following Friday.
If you are unable to place an order to your zip code outside of our delivery area; please send us a message and we’ll see what we can do. Email us at: info@SeekingKombucha.com

Additional information

Pack Size

6 pack of 12oz bottles, 12 pack of 12oz bottles


Blue Apple, Flu Buster, Hibiscus Punch, June Blush, Maui Sunset, Purple Reign, Peach Bellini, Ruby Lychee, The Healer, Tropical Dream

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